Massage-Parlor: The Thief


Eric Masterson has been so drained and tired lately that he had been messing up at work and almost got into a car accident. He thought a massage would help him feel more like himself. Beautiful blonde Alexis Monroe bent over while rubbing down his back and legs so her ass was in the air showing off a stringy thong. Eric fell asleep so Alexis went after his wallet to take some extra cash. He woke up and was ready to call the cops, but she was willing to work something out to avoid a sticky situation. The dirty little thief took his cock in her mouth to make up for her bad behavior. She put his dick between her soft tits and licked his tip as they were dangling on his balls. Eric smacked her ass and told her to sit on his face where he slid a finger inside her wet, tight pussy. He threatened to call the cops if she wouldn’t fuck him, but he settled with her rubbing his cock on her pretty little pussy until he came on her ass. Alexis got to keep the money as a tip.

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