Massage-Parlor: Just Want To Relax


Billy had one of those days where he had a bunch of car troubles and was very stressed out so he decided to get a nice massage to help him relax. When the hostess Rayveness hears his problems she knows just the masseuse to handle them and has Sasha take him upstairs. Billy strips down and Sasha is very impressed by the size of his dick. She can’t keep her eyes off it as she massages him. Finally the desire overwhelms her and she has to feel his cock. She starts to stroke his dick while she takes off her clothes then once she is naked she leans in starts to suck it. Billy is shocked, but he plays it cool. He rubs her body then pulls her up on top of him so he can lick her sweet pussy while she sucks his cock. Sasha shows that not only is she good with her hands, but her mouth is very talented as well. She swallows his cock down her throat then uses her tongue and hands to work his shaft as he cums and shoots his hot load all over her. Now that is what you call a full service massage. sorry about the delay. I had some internet connection issues last night.

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