Massage-Parlor: Car Trouble


Holly Taylor is lucky she is so hot because her client is super upset she’s late. She had car trouble but he really needs a massage so he was able to deal with her being tardy. And lets face it, who would pass up a hot blonde in a see through robe and hot pink thong giving them a massage. Holly grabs the oil and she’s ready to go. We make sure to get ample close ups of her perfect tits and cleavage as she leans over her client. She slowly works his pecs but suggests there may be more she can do for him. Seeing her smoking body revealed, her client is ready for whatever she decides to give him. You’ve got to see Holly’s perfect ass as she peels her thong off in preparation to get her client off. She sucks his cock slow and deep as she wraps her gentle hands around his shaft. We get close up shots of her pierced nipples as she works his dick with her mouth. He cums in her mouth as Holly rubs her pussy all over his face and she’s happy because his happy ending totally took her mind off her broken car

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