Double Stuffed Asian Transsexuals


Black Ops is Third World Media’s latest “covert operation.” Transsexual fans get ready; there is no mission that has even come close to accomplishing what Black Ops has succeeded to do with it’s first release entitled; Double Stuffed Asian Transsexuals. “Black Ops” generally defines secret missions that employ methods used in unconventional warfare; espionage, sabotage, and in this case- Double Anal Assassination. General Dimitri and his covert crew- First Lt. Allan and Pfc. James have infiltrated Thailand once again with one clear goal in mind- Double Anal Warfare designed to decimate the cutest Ladyboy’s asses with both their fat canons at the same time; all without “blowing their cover.” First target is 19 year old S. This T-girl is cuter than most real girls trolling around Bangkok. She has a pierced nose, cute smile, and sterling personality. She is skinny and very stylish showing off her long legs adorned in fishnet stockings and high heels. James and Allan, both lovers of Ladyboy’s feet, burst into action. They both pack some pretty large munitions (9 and 10 inches respectively) but were surprised that S is packin some heat of her own with a very “quick-to-get-stiff” uncut 8. After a brief sword fight, James swallows her bazooka as she blows Allan and quickly moves to eating his hairy bung hole. James moves right in for her little ass and fucks it hard while Allan, still intrigued by her feet, goes Foot to Mouth on this soon to be Double Stuffed Tranny. James warms her ass up for the double assault with 4 fingers deep in her anal cavity. He slaps and stretches her ass to the limit as the boys explore the inner workings of her anal orifice.