Angela White: Unbound


Chained, tethered, leashed, restrained. Angela White is Unbound in this four-part miniseries as this sexual of nature breaks free of all her limitations and inhibitions! After wearing out her partner with an insatiable lust for cock, curvy succubus Angela physically throws off her bindings and prowls the city in search of new people to touch, taste, please and devour. Big natural tits, flashing blue eyes, bouncing oiled ass — this hedonistic hurricane of wild fucking and exhibitionist roleplay places Angela at the apex of the sexual food chain. Eye-watering deepthroat, reckless tag-teams, mind-breaking threesomes, all building up to a hardcore deviant dogging gangbang; Angela White stars in one of the most genuinely raw and passionate performances of her career! Are you prepared to match her, tooth and nail?

Pornstar: Angela White